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2024 4th International Conference on Accounting, Auditing and Finance

Perth, Australia | November 25-27, 2024

2024 4th International Conference on Accounting, Auditing and Finance (ICAAF 2024) will be held in Perth, Australia during November 25-27, 2024The conference theme of ICAAF 2024 is:  "Innovations in Auditing for the Digital Age".


ICAAF 2024 is sponsored by University of Western Australia, and co-sponsored by University of South Australia and Curtin University. It serves as a beacon for leading scholars, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of accounting, auditing, and finance, offering a premier platform for the exchange of cutting-edge insights, innovative research, and practical solutions. This conference represents a convergence of minds, where interdisciplinary dialogue thrives and collaborative networks flourish.

At ICAAF 2024, participants will embark on a journey of exploration, delving into the latest advancements, emerging trends, and pressing challenges within the dynamic landscapes of accounting, auditing, and finance. Through a rich tapestry of keynote speeches, paper presentations, and posters, attendees will gain invaluable perspectives, forging new pathways for academic inquiry and professional development.

As we gather in Perth, Australia, renowned for its scenic beauty and cultural richness, ICAAF 2024 promises not only intellectual stimulation but also unforgettable experiences and meaningful connections. Join us in shaping the future of accounting, auditing, and finance as we chart a course towards excellence and innovation.




Call for Papers(Flyer Download)


Data Analytics and AI Applications

Application cases of data analytics in auditing
Cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence in auditing
Role of machine learning algorithms in anomaly detection

Blockchain Technology and Distributed


Applications of blockchain technology in auditing
Impact of distributed ledgers on audit processes
Role of smart contracts and potential risks in auditing

Cybersecurity Auditing and Risk Management

Principles and methods of cybersecurity auditing
Audit and assessment of information technology security controls
Compliance auditing and data protection regulations

Remote Auditing and Virtual Collaboration Tools

Practical applications of remote auditing technologies and tools
Role of virtual collaboration platforms in auditing
Remote audit team management and efficiency enhancement strategies

Continuous Auditing and Real-Time Monitoring

Concept and trends of continuous auditing
Design and application of real-time monitoring systems
Application of anomaly detection technology in continuous auditing

Ethics and Professional Standards

Ethical challenges and moral guidelines in digital age auditing
Ethical issues related to information security and privacy protection
Balancing artificial intelligence algorithms and auditor independence

Regulatory Compliance and Auditing Standards Updates

Latest developments in digital age auditing regulations and standards
Updates and interpretations of industry standards and regulatory requirements
Changes and adaptations in auditing standards and regulatory demands

Industry-Specific Auditing Challenges
Characteristics and challenges of auditing in fintech industry
Unique issues and solutions in auditing for the healthcare industry
Auditing practices and case studies in the e-commerce sector
Future Trends in Auditing
Technological trends and future outlook for auditing
Global trends and opportunities in the auditing industry
Impact of emerging technologies on audit workflows and predictions



Submissions will be peer-reviewed by conference committees, and accepted papers will be published in the International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance.
Abstracting/ Indexing: ProQuest, Crossref, Electronic Journals Library , EBSCO, and Ulrich's Periodicals Directory
ISSN: 2010-023X (Print)
Frequency: Bimonthly
DOI: 10.18178/IJTEF  IJTEF Journal template

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ICAAF 2024 will only hold oral presentations.
 Each oral presenter is requested to submit an abstract, then a full paper once the abstract is accepted.
 The submitted full paper will be peer-reviewed, and the scientific committee may request revisions to the author.


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